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TEDx New Albany 2016 – Hidden Secrets of Healthcare

Through personal experiences and a passion for his work, Shaun Young challenges people to change their perspectives on the 29 million U.S. citizens who do not have health insurance.

Columbus Chamber of Commerce: cbuzz Podcast Episode 27

Listen to Shaun Young’s insights and his path to creating Ardina in Episode 27 of the cbuzz podcast. “We really wanted to be a Made-In-Ohio Startup,” Shaun said with cbuzz host Dan Swartwout. Download the podcast episode or listen online to hear not only why Shaun chose Columbus, Ohio as the home for his company, but also how he translated his vision for Ardina into a reality.

Columbus Startup Week: Insurance startups seek to disrupt an industry without breaking the rules

“…Shaun Young, founder of Columbus-based Ardina, and Kaliannan said one of the hardest things about striking out as an entrepreneur in the insurance industry is getting people to understand what they’re doing. It’s a topic many people don’t want to talk about until it’s too late.”

Columbus Metropolitan Club: Rev1 Ventures Revs Up!

Featuring Rev1 Ventures President & CEO Tom Walker and a panel with exciting start-up founders Steve White CEO of Clarivoy and Shaun Young, CEO of Ardina.

First Connect Experts Help Ardina Reach B2C and B2B Customers

“Since last July when Ardina’s affordable healthcare solution went live, Shaun Young, CEO, has been spending his days “in the trenches” with customers.”

Less Time Waiting for the Doctor

“…a local startup decided to change the game and give us back some sanity. Ardina is a small company with only two full-time employees. But these two former Cardinal Health workers have a big idea: accessible health care at a low cost.”

Health-care startup Ardina connects patients, doctors 24/7

“When Shaun Young’s child came down with pink eye over Easter weekend, it not only was every parent’s common experience, but it also helped support the idea behind Young’s fledgling company.”

You Have Permission to Be Lazy When Sick: Uweekly Guest Column

“Motivating yourself to leave your warm bed to trudge across campus to the Wexner Medical Center when you’re feeling miserable isn’t easy. Once you get there, you’re stuck sitting in a waiting room, texting your parents to try to figure out your insurance information. Going to the walk-in clinic is a little more convenient, but it also involves the risk of having to make small talk with a cute neighbor, or a professor, when you’re feeling (and looking) your worst. With all the technology we have, there has to be a better way, right? Now there is, thanks to Ardina.”

Ardina Bridging Gaps in Healthcare Coverage for Younger Generations

“Healthcare costs are astronomically rising. One in five people have a high deductible plan with an average $1,217 annual deductible. (More on those findings here.) That means three things. Most people avoid going to the doctor, insurance isn’t really useful until a catastrophic event, and most people don’t have ancillary insurances like dental and vision. A new Columbus-based healthcare startup is looking to close those gaps in coverage with what it calls the AAA of healthcare.”

Ardina Expands Services to Help Entrepreneurs Connect with Affordable Insurance

“Columbus-based Ardina launched last year as the AAA of healthcare, offering a supplement to insurance with access to telemedicine services and discounted rates on dental, vision and prescriptions. Now the healthcare startup is expanding its solutions to provide small businesses, startups and freelancers with connections to affordable health insurance.”

Ardina Supplements Health Plans, Saves Money

“Ardina, based in Columbus, Ohio, is aiming to become the AAA of health insurance. Instead of roadside assistance and travel discounts, Ardina acts as a supplement to health insurance plans.”

Best New Columbus Startup

Ardina ranked Top 5 best new Columbus startups in 2015

2015 Rev1 Demo Day Presentation: Ardina

Ardina provides healthcare benefits you can actually afford to use.

A Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur’s Guide to Healthcare Part 2

“With the cost of healthcare on the rise, the industry is responding with a number of trends that help consumers stretch their dollar. O’Brien recommends the AAA-like coverage of Columbus healthcare startup Ardina. Ardina is a great retention tool, he says. Ardina pairs so well with where the market is going.”

Cardinal Health Invests in Startup

“Ardina – billed as the AAA of U.S. health care – launches Aug. 10 after a month of testing with about 100 users. The subscription medical discount program is aimed at helping stretch out-of-pocket costs for the growing number of Americans with high-deductible health insurance.”

Ardina, a Healthcare Membership Program, Announces Introductory Offer to Columbus Community

“As Americans pay more and more out-of-pocket for healthcare, Commons Health is excited to announce a Friends and Family offer for Ardina™. Ardina is a healthcare membership program designed for the digital generation. Ardina is NOT insurance but a complement to health insurance, particularly plans with high annual deductibles. Ardina brings common healthcare products and services together on a secure, online member portal and expands access to healthcare with 24/7 availability.”

Introducing Ardina Membership and an Exclusive Offer for Startups

“Ardina is not health insurance but is intended to be a complement to health insurance, just like AAA membership is a complement to car insurance. And since many Americans are dealing with rising out-of-pocket healthcare costs due to high annual deductibles from your health insurance, Ardina membership can help millions of Americans.”

Digital Healthcare Membership Program, Ardina, Launching this June

“As a growing number of Americans become more and more frustrated with their healthcare experiences, Ardina™ is excited to announce its official launch this coming June. Founded in Columbus, OH, Ardina is a healthcare membership program providing 24/7 telemedicine support with licensed physicians as well as discounts on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses like prescriptions and dental services.”