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Affordable and Convenient Healthcare

Ardina is a Healthcare Membership designed to save you time and money on out-of-pocket healthcare needs

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What is Ardina?


What is Ardina?


For just

$10/month for an individual


$20/month for a household,

Ardina members get:

24/7 access

Anywhere, anytime access to tele-doctors, online counselors, pharmacists, dietitians, fitness experts and more.

Healthcare on the go

Find a local doctor in our member network or RX price shop using our location based tools.

Discounts on products & services

Get member discounts on dental exams, eye glasses, chiropractor visits, LASIK, and much more.

Save on prescriptions

Find the best prices on prescriptions at locations near you with our prescription price shopper.

Choose your plan

Choose your plan

  • $10/month for an individual
  • $20/month for your entire household

$10/month for an individual

$20/month for your entire household

“Whether or not we have insurance, we don’t feel like we’re covered.”

Hailey, HR Professional

Saved her and her employees money on healthcare and wellness!

“Ardina has been an amazing benefit for our staff! Many of our staff have raved about the ability to call into Teladoc from their home and get the care they needed when it was convenient for them.”

Anna, Hair Stylist

Saved $350 in avoided trips to the pediatrician for antibiotics.

“Ardina has been a lifesaver! I no longer have to miss work to talk to a doctor and no longer worry about unplanned out-of-pocket costs since I know the consultations are always free for members.”

Pete, Barista & Freelance Writer

Saved $600 on an avoided ER visit by using Teladoc at 2am, and saved $100 on his uber stylish glasses.

“I was pumped to be able to skip the ER the last time I was in pain in the middle of the night. Before I had Ardina I was forced to spend a whole paycheck just to talk to a doctor if I got sick at night or while traveling, since I don’t have a primary care physician.“

Sheri, Analyst

Saved $2200 on LASIK and $300 on her family’s prescriptions.

“Ardina’s dental, vision, and chiropractic discounts have helped me save hundreds of dollars on out-of-pocket expenses.”

You can use your Ardina membership at the same places you already go to, such as:

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